Multi Sensor Gyro-Stabilised Gimbal with Counter UAS Software


Protecting Your Troops

The CM202U is an innovative, multi-sensor, gyro-stabilised gimbal for counter UAS operations. The entire system is man-portable and robust, and includes object tracking capability, low power consumption, direct drive motors for accurate positioning, Static Target Detection Algorithm, and Moving Target Detector Algorithm.

13x MWIR Optical Zoom






Effective Targeting
Automated object detection increases the likelihood of detecting targets that could go unnoticed by an unassisted operator.

Optical Detection Range
On average, the CM202U with Operator Assist has a 40-100% further optical detection range for DJI Phantom sized sUAS than comparable systems (3km UAV detect, 2km PID).

Improved Force Protection
The operator assist function utilises advanced algorithms to detect and track objects of interest in the air and on the ground, reducing operator fatigue and workload to increase the efficiency of your operation.

Benefit from Enhanced Knowledge
The automated detect software system provides operators with live, real-time cues of possible target objects, reducing decision time when identifying UAVs through rapid identification, and helping operators make informed decisions whilst reducing operator error.

Shortens Decision Cycle
The MTD identifies targets in the FOV much quicker than the operator can manually. This shortens the decision cycle for the operator and allows them to prosecute a hostile target sooner. Quicker informed decisions can save lives.

Multiple Target Tracking
Operator assist can track up to 200 targets simultaneously, ensuring that no threat is ignored during a swarm attack.

Compatible Software