Aerial Vision Van

Aerial Vision Africa and Mercedes Benz have teamed up to design and engineer the Aerial Vision Van, to take drone operations to a new level. Our vision is to develop a vehicle capable of the best of Mobile Based Operations for commercial drones. Aerial Vision Van's key features allow operators to fully pilot drones from dedicated flight stations located inside of the vehicle. Aerial Vision Van is the future for drone mobile based operations.

Mercedes Benz, Need We Say More?

Aerial Vision Van is born from the thorough-bred stable of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van. From the outset, we knew we needed a platform that would withstand the most demanding of situations.

Command and Control

Collecting critical decision making live data without compromising the mission is vital. Aerial Vision Van's on scene rapid deployment functionality allows for high definition aerial scene analysis/monitoring in a matter of minutes.

The Power to Fly

When in flight mode, Aerial Vision Van's self contained, fully integrated power supply system supplies the onboard critical flight systems with all the power they need to keep your drones airborne. We’ve engineered an onboard compartment utilising special materials designed to reduce vibration, and decrease generator noise yielding an unmatched level of quiet operation.