The ALTI Reach is the upcoming 'bigger brother' to the Transition. It will be aesthetically and configurationally very similar to the ALTI Transition, offering vertical take-off and landing and efficient fixed wing flight performance. The Reach is currently in development and is planned to be in production and available for purchase later this year.


Endurance up to 24+ hours

Hybrid VTOL

Wingspan up to 7m Base

Payload of up to 12Kg

ALTI Ground Control System

The ALTI advanced ground control system is a complete control and command station for the ALTI Transition unmanned aircraft system. With the ALTI Range Extension Package, long range data and video operation of up to 100km is possible using a pneumatic telescopic mast and directional grid antenna along with a 10W Microhard amplifier.


C2 Control Link


A main C2 control link for full time manual control and override, data telemetry as well as video link for long range applications.

Internal PC with Dual Screens


High quality computer with dual screens, pre-loaded with mission planning and control software.

Radio Controller


A Spektrum DX Controller for aircraft control.

Travel Case


A single compact Pelican case, easy to transport and set up.

Payload Options