So why the name change?

Aerial Vision Africa was founded in 2015 with aspirations of using small consumer drones to provide low cost aerial filming and photography services. As I progressed along with the rapidly expanding drone industry, I soon realised that there was a lot more to drones than just aerial filming and photography. Many small drone companies started popping up offering similar services and the competitive landscape looked to become somewhat saturated.  


Looking back now, I had a rather limited vision for where I saw the company going and I started seriously contemplating how I could differentiate myself in this market. Taking a page out of my long corporate IT career, I changed the company strategy to look at offering complete turnkey solutions, not only to end users, but also to the very drone companies that had become my competitors. I developed the business model SSASS (Solutions, Sensors, Aircraft, Software and Services), a container of sorts to showcase a portfolio of products and services in a variety of combinations, to deliver turnkey solutions. In support of the SSASS business model, I entered into strategic reseller agreements with a select group of globally recognised manufacturers and suppliers. The portfolio has expanded to include a broader offering beyond the scope of just drone solutions.


There are so many factors in business that are working against you. You have your own inertia, you have your own philosophy issues, you have competitors, you have the markets and the one thing you don't want working against you is your name. You want your name to help you, you want your name to lift you, you want it to push you in the right direction. You want it to have the ability for you to put whatever meaning behind it that you want.


Our aspirations for where we want to go as a company go well beyond just the name Aerial Vision Africa. The name Aerial Vision Africa constrained us in terms of our vision for what the many opportunities are going forward and I think as we move towards the new name SSASS , it gives us a much wider playing field to be an impact player in the broader opportunity.


This is a big moment for us, probably the biggest since our launch in 2015. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression and we have been given one with SSASS .


It was also incredibly important that the name helped convey some of the things that we want to be differentiators for. All of these things I think work well into the new name SSASS . These are things that as we fill the SSASS name with meaning around turnkey solutions, around the latest technological advancements - that I think will serve us well going into the future. 


This is not about abandoning Aerial Vision Africa. Aerial Vision Africa was a great beginning. It has been a great business. We are moving way beyond Aerial Vision Africa, and we don't want a name that will hold us back. 


For me the opportunity for SSASS gives us an empty vessel in many ways to fill with all kinds of meaning of how we want to interact with our customers. We want to be known as a brand.

- Dean Polley CEO and Founder


SSASS was originally founded as Aerial Vision Africa in 2015, with a mission to bring to market a portfolio of specialised drone solutions. SSASS has evolved out of the unique business model that was developed into a solution centric and innovative technology supply company, offering customers unparalleled levels of advanced sensors, unmanned aircraft and software technology.

SSASS has entered into strategic reseller agreements with a select group of leading global technology companies in their respective industries and has compiled a formidable portfolio of key technology components that enable a broad range of SOLUTIONS.

SENSORS are the key components of any solution. They provide the specialsed capability of acquiring various types of critical data, including photogrammetry, thermal, surveillance and multispectral data.

AIRCRAFT provide the aerial carrying capability. The SSASS portfolio of unmanned aircraft includes industrial grade multirotors, professional mapping drones, long range high endurance VTOL fixed-winged aircraft, heavy lift unmanned helicopters and a fully autonomous drone-in-a-box solution.


SOFTWARE converts data into valuable and actionable information. SSASS is Africa's leading supplier of Pix4D software, the world's most advanced photogrammetry processing software application. Aerial data plays an important part in any digitization strategy. While capturing data is easier than ever with UAVs, the real challenge enterprises face is harnessing all of this data so that it is consumable, shareable, and actionable. Delair Aerial Intelligence provides a solution to rapidly and repeatedly analyze comprehensive imagery. For large scale solar PV plants, AirProbe analyses thermal data to provide the highest accuracy over reported module fault classification following IEC guidelines. 


SERVICES ensure the continued support of the entire portfolio through specialsed training, technical support, extended warranties and repairs & maintenance. SSASS also provides turnkey operational services, which include aerial data acquisition, data processing and information delivery.