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ADS-B Transponders

Airspace integration for UAVs is here.

Designed for unmanned aircraft, uAvionix has dramatically reduced the size and cost of critical safety components required to fly safely and legally in the National Airspace System.

Solutions ranging from 5 to 100 grams allow any sUAS to cooperate with manned aircraft and air traffic control.

Leveraging solutions developed for drones, uAvionix is disrupting the general aviation industry, transforming avionics design and dramatically reducing the cost of ownership.

uAvionix Ping transponders offer UAS the highest level of cooperation with existing air traffic control and manned aircraft. Ping transponders are visible by traditional ground radar and radar-based aircraft anti-collision systems. All Mode S transponders also provide ADS-B out on 1090ES for visibility by ground and airborne ADS-B receivers. Ping transponders are currently equipped by operators for BVLOS operations and high-altitude balloon operations.

uAvionix FYXnav GPS position sources provide high-integrity position data to ping ADS-B transceivers and transponders. The FYXNav GPS is the smallest and lightest FAA certified position source.

Ping ADS-B transceivers allow UAS to transmit aircraft identification, aircraft type, position, velocity and course to surrounding aircraft and ground stations in real-time. The ping ADS-B transceiver also features an integrated ADS-B receiver for transmission of surrounding aircraft traffic positions to the UAS ground station and for use by the UAS flight controller for automated collision avoidance.

What is ADS-B?

ping ADS-B for sUAS

Watch a drone equipped with ping ADS-B improve situational awareness for other aircraft operating in the area.















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